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Ironwood Publications was founded in 1996 for the purpose of publishing high-quality books on economics and government economic policies. We are especially proud to publish the books of Allen W. Smith, who has devoted much of his adult life to battling economic illiteracy and promoting economic education.

Smith's high school textbook, "Understanding Economics," which was published by Random House in 1986, was one of the best high school economics textbooks ever published. It was used in more than 600 schools nationwide, and it was rated the best high school economics textbook on the market in an independent study conducted by Georgia State University.

We believe that our new book, DEMYSTIFYING ECONOMICS: The Student-Friendly Textbook, will have the same success today as "Understanding Economics" did in the 1980s. This new alternative to the standard principles of economics textbooks will give teachers a lot more flexibility.

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Other Titles Published by Ironwood Publications:

"Demystifying Economics: The Book That Makes Economics Accessible to Everyone" by Allen W. Smith, Ph.D., 1996

"Perky the Penguin" by Rose Mary Shepherd, 1996

"The Alleged Budget Surplus: Social Security and Voodoo Economics" by Allen W. Smith, Ph.D., 2000

"Social Security: The Attempt to Kill It" by Allen W. Smith, Ph.D., 2005

"Demystifying Economics: Third Edition" by Allen W. Smith, Ph.D., 2008

"The Big Lie: How Our Government Hoodwinked the Public, Emptied the Soocial Security Trust Fund, and Caused the Great Economic Collapse" by Allen W. Smith, Ph.D., 2009

"The Looting of Social Security: New Release of the Book 'They' Didn't Want You to Read" by Allen W. Smith, Ph.D., 2010

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