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DEMYSTIFYING ECONOMICS: The Student-Friendly Textbook

Now Available In Paperback For Only $14.95 ISBN#978-0-9859105-0-1

*An alternative to the standard principles of economics textbook.

*Ideal for the general education and pre-principles courses.

*Can serve as a core book for building your own principles course.

* Perfect for a refresher course at the graduate level.

Demystifying Economics book, Economics Textbooks in Winter Haven, FL

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Title Page
CHAPTER ONE: Introduction to Economics
CHAPTER TWO: The American Economy
CHAPTER THREE: Gross Domestic Product
CHAPTER FOUR: Unemployment
CHAPTER SIX: Fiscal Policy
CHAPTER SEVEN: Money and Banking
CHAPTER EIGHT: International Trade and Finance
CHAPTER NINE: Business Organization and Market Structures
CHAPTER TEN: Labor Economics and Labor Relations
CHAPTER ELEVEN: The Laws of Supply and Demand
CHAPTER TWELVE: The Economics of the Firm
CHAPTER THIRTEEN: Other Markets and Market Limitations
CHAPTER FOURTEEN: The Financial Meltdown and the Great Recession 
APPENDIX: Measures of Economic Performance
Mini-Dictionary of Economic Terms and Concepts
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