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Books for the Layman and Economics Textbooks 

Clearly-written, easy-to-understand textbooks in the important field of economics.  We also publish books on economics and social security for general readers.    Ironwood Publications is located in Winter Haven, Florida.. Contact us today to place an order.

Economics Books

Ironwood Publications offers college and high school economics textbooks that are packed full of information, clearly written and easy to understand.  We also offer books for the layman on both economics and social security.
Experienced Publishing Team
At Ironwood Publications, we have been distributing economics and
social security books to a nationwide audience since 1996. We specialize in making economics understandable for both students and general readers.  One of our authors, Dr. Allen W. Smith, has been battling economic illiteracy, and promoting economics education, for more than 40 years.  During this time, he has earned a national reputation for his ability to take difficult economic concepts and translate them into everyday terms.

Sharing Our Interest in Economics
Economics is about more than just numbers; it is about life and society. Whether you realize it or not, you deal with economics every day on the job and at home. It's all about making choices and determining the best solution to any given situation. At Ironwood Publications, we love teaching people about economics and how it affects both your daily life and all the choices you make.

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filled to the brim with information on economics and social security.